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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big Love Family TV Night

Thanks for the post from Noble Schultz

I absolutely cannot wait until the next season of Big Love to begin! I'm so excited for the show to start again not only am I stumped by the last season's cliffhanging season finale, but I am excited to begin the Sunday night ritual with my family once more. It's one of our few chances to catch up and hang out during the week, since we're all so busy with work, school, and sports. To make sure we don't lose touch with each other, we schedule Big Love night every week. Every Sunday night we have dinner as a family at the table at my grandmother's house because she has Directtv. Then, it's an epic race to the living to battle and barter over the comfy couch and grandma's famous knitted blankets. During the show we pass around finger-food desserts like chocolate covered raisins and caramel corn while we delight in the drama of Juniper Creek and Henrickson's Home Plus. Afterwards, we visit about our own lives and discuss the recent episode of Big Love while we help do dishes and clean up the kitchen. It may sound silly to you, but Big Love season is my favorite season of the whole year.

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