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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Funeral Insurance is a Must!

When my grandmother died lat year, I flew from here to the Philippines to pay my last respect to her. I love and miss her so much. She was such a loving, generous, selfish and hardworking person I've ever met. And it was such a big lost for all of those she left behind. But we are all glad now that she is reunited with grandfather at last.

Anyway, her death brought me into realization that funeral expenses can be very expensive and hard on those who have shoulder the expenses. Everybody pitched in to settle everything so she can be buried decently. It was a lesson learned especially on me because now I know that we really need funeral insurance. We don't want to leave our son with all of our financial responsibility specially with funeral expenses. I like that funeral insurance provides cash for my son to help cover the cost of the funeral and unexpected expenses such as bills and more, thus less worry for him during those emotional and difficult time of his life.

Though our son is very young, we plan of getting ourselves real life insurance to secure our son's future. A friend of ours recommended a place where we could get cheap funeral insurance ; she and her sister used that company when their mother and brother died few years back and she said it was very affordable. She even mentioned to us the many benefits associated with these type of insurances and we became very interested. Anyway, if you are interested, click the links provided on this post/article for more info.

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