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Friday, July 2, 2010

Grasses Need to Be Watered Constantly!

Half an hour ago I was seating in our porch while watering the grass. It was so nice because the weather is cool and cloudy as if it is going to rain. I was thinking then that maybe I need to stop the sprinkler, but at the same time my mind was telling me another and that is I should continue watering which I did. A couple of minutes after the sprinkler stopped, rain fell for like less than five minutes! Good thing I followed my instinct, or else my yard would be very thirsty :-). The grasses anyway needs to be watered so it will surely live because it was new, plus they said that for the first two months, it needs to be water everyday. Well, grasses seemed to be thriving.


ovelhadog said...

Very nice... thanks for this post.
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Umma said...

hahaha.. sometimes we need to trust our instinct as it often gives us a hint on our discernment.

Happy TGIF Ces, for sure another busy day for you guys unpacking...whew!! been there and its really exhausting.

Mama Ko said...

Wow ready namu ces, sge naka pananum sa inyong mansion, cant wait to see pictures. May award akodito ces grab if now busy with the 22 opps hehehe