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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ams!

This post is for the blogger friend I've met online almost two years ago...her name is Amy. I am pretty sure most of you guys know her. She is one simple and yet smart woman I've ever met online.

To you, dear Ams...Happy, Happy Birthday! You had a birthday shout hooray! I'm going to sing to you year older and wiser, too Happy YOU! myspace graphic comments


Cens World said...

hi, Happy birthday to your friend.

I had been leaving a comment to your post in your site "Health is Treasure". The post about spam mails. I am having difficulty so i just checked out your other blogs.

Just dropping by

Umma said...

Happy Birthday to Ams gwafs.. I totally forgot that its her birthday once again..

Thanks for posting Ces.