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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Salty Soup

My son and I had a rice soup (Campbell brand) for dinner tonight. I couldn't believe how salty it was! I don't understand why the maker of this soup put so much salt (sodium) in every canned foods they make. And why no one ever complain about it? Too much salt is bad for our health for it causes for blood pressure to spike and if not treated leads to heart disease and eventually kidney failure. I am a living proof of it that is why I limit my salt as well as sugar intake. Talking about salt, hubby and his mother put a lot of salt in their foods when eating; and I keep reminding hubby to be easy on salt, but he seems to forget it. I am worried he might get the same problem I had before that caused my kidney to fail and eventually dialysis and transplant afterward. Please, be easy on salt!

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