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Friday, July 9, 2010

Many Thanks to the Electric Cigarettes Maker

The one thing my mother, siblings and I worry about so much is my father's addiction to cigarette smoking. We did the best we could to stop him but to no avail. My mother quit reminding him that it isn't good for his health particularly his lungs. He has been smoking for as long as I can remember...I was very young then and to this day his smoking habit never stopped. Peter Jennings sudden death didn't alarm my father. To me, it is a miracle that my father's health is still okay. Anyway, my problem with him is solved when I found out about the electric cigarettes. It would be a great gift I could give to him for this is safe and he can smoke as much as he wants to. Electric cigarettes might not stop him from smoking, but might save his life in the end. To the makers of electric cigarettes...thank you so much. You guys just saved and still saving many lives of people who smokes cigarettes.

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anand said...

I am also very thankful to the makers of e cigarettes. I am a smoker and I tried several times, but the habit of smoking is not easy to give up as you are addicted to high nicotine doses and as soon as you quit then, you will face anxiety, but smoking with e-cigarettes reduce health risks and nicotine doses as they contain very low level of nicotine. Thus, Electronic Cigarette are now becoming to be a better alternate to quit smoking.