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Friday, July 2, 2010

He Got Me Two Engagement Rings!

How can I forget the time when my ex boyfriend (now my hubby) visited me for the first time in Malaysia? Though he was nervous, he decided to meet me in person for the first time. Yup, we met through internet and have been writing for six month when we decided that t is time for us to meet and see how are feeling goes after seeing and spending time together. To our surprised, we felt like we've known each other for so long! No pretensions and awkwardness felt between us. The feeling was mutual and so when he proposed to me, I didn't think twice. I said, yes and the next thing we know we were at the mall shopping for an engagement ring. Well, he didn't plan the marriage proposal and so he didn't buy me a ring yet. So we checked different jewelry stores including Tiffany, but didn't find any that we both like. To make the story short, we ended going home without it. When he got home from his visit, he immediately bought me one and sent it by mail. I was overjoyed! Three months after our wedding he bought me another engagement ring, now I have two diamond engagement rings! Oh, what a sweet guy the man I married. As I always say, he is the best and I thanked God for sending this wonderful man in m life.

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