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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy Preparing for Christmas Party

I haven't been able to drop and visit a much as I want to becuae of the coming Christmas Party at church tonight. As I mentioned here before, we were assigned to organized it and it has been stressful for us. We have been busy like crazy; hubby even took two days off at work.I wouldn't be able drop today, but I will make sure to catch up with drops and visits tomorrow. I apologize for not being able to check your blogs, my dear friends :-) Hope you guys understand! See you tomorrow :-) and thanks for continued visits and drops and comments as well. Have a good day ALL!


chubskulit said...

glad to hear that your party went well ate, good job!

I tried from payu2 before but i never get a reply from them so that means i did not qualify hehehe.. matagal ka na sa kanila ate?

Cecile said...

two weeks na, pero like you, i tried many times and failed, i kept trying and after i think three or four, finally got it.

write to Margie and ask what was the reason why they didn't approved it and also whatyou can do to qualify. she will answer your email and tell you what was wrong and what else you can do with your blog to qualify.