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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jacob is sick again...

Yesterday when I picked my son up at the school bus stop, he told me he wasn't feeling well. I asked him whether his tummy is aching again and he said "no." He was really sick I can tell because he wasn't happy at all and just lays on the couch down. He asked for cereal because he was hungry. He ate the cereal and went back to the couch. As the night progress, he started to feel hot and his face turning red. We are sure he has ear infection, because when we went to see his doctor, the nurse practitioner checked his ears as normal routine. Well, this time the nurse inserted a qtips and dug inside my sons ear and he was crying after that; and blood were in the qtips. Since then, Jacob started complaining abou his ear. I think the nurse realized she over did it so she gave us anti biotic. Now for the first time in Jacob's life, he is sick because of ear infection! We should have never gone to the clinic, because we know what he was having before was a stomach bug that's been going around lately; and it will go away without doing anything but keep him hydrated. We've earned our lesson now not see the doctor if we feel that it isn't really necessary. Now he is home again for the second time this week, and is missing school. My poor baby ! Hope he’ll feel better soon.

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