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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jacob is Sick again .....

Last night , my son woke me up with his crying. I aked him if he has a tummy ache but answered and sad "no." Then asked him again and didn't say anything. So I just hug him and gave him a kiss and then he feel asleep. Oh man, I forgot to set the alarn, so both of us woke up late, the school bus is gone! So I told him to hurry up so we can still get to school on time. But he said: oh..oh...oh...finally I asked him again and he said: his tummy hurts and he doesn't want to go to school. So I called the school and told them that Jacob is sick and has been throwing up. The person on the line told me she would tell Jacob's teacher that he is not going to school today. Well, after I talked to the person at school, Jacob told me he wants to go again to school. Too bad! He needs to make up his mind plus he has been suffering from tummy ache and is throwing up for he has bug on his tummy for two days now and it comes and goes. Now, he is stuck with me here at home watching PBS kids shows. I will be busy today digging with the Christmas decors and sending cards.

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