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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Poor Little Man!

I took this pictures last week when my son was sicked. He was still on his pajama. He was so tired to play and eat. All he had most of the time were milk, juice and water. He eats very little, then threw up afterwards!

Can you tell that he is very exhausted from throwing up? Yup, he was! I wished that every time he is sick, that I can take it out of his and suffer from it that seeing him very week and exhausted!


iceah said...

i think all moms feel the same way you feel that time :c last week my son was sick too but now he is fine up for the Christmas celebration c:

Have a Merry and blessed Christmas c:

Cecile said...

glad to hear about your son feeling better :-)

my son is already better, just a seasonal allergy he is now suffering :-)

meery christmas again, dear!