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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Video Problem Fixed!

I get frustrated today because the video assigned to Social Spark opps wasn't working. I kept pasting it on the post but still no video was showing up. I got pissed of and asked my hubby what was going on? I thought it was the firefox that caused it, so hubby uninstalled it right away from our new laptop. It turned out that I was wrong when I phoned my friend, Juliet and asked why is it that I can not do it right. She immediately told me that she has the same problem also and figured out a way to do it right. She told me what she did and it worked! Thank Goodness! Oh what will I do without my friends who are so nice enough to help me out with my blogs every time I encounter technical problems? Thanks, Juliet for the helped :-). Blessed your heart, dear!

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