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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Foods I Am Craving Right Now!

When we went to Washington DC last week, we have the chance of going to a Filipino Store and luckily they sell already made foods like these:
I have Milkfish in the freezer, just need to thaw it and them will be ready to marinate...yum!

One good thing about Lechon or Pig Poast is that you don't need to have a whole pig to make it; you just need to buy pork belly at the store. Boil it till it's tender, then fried it! There you have a Lechon Kawali.

They have this at the store, too, I didn't like the look of it, that is why I didn't buy one. It is Biko.
Aren't they mouth watering?


Umma said...

huhuhu... I missed those foods too... how I wish I could eat them right now... WAAA.. especially the lechon (crunchy Skin is the best)

Youngest said...

wow! niluto mo ba 'yan cille? ang sarap namang tingnan.

iceah said...

yum c: glad you had that chance c: not everybody in the US could have those opportunities c:

Maus said...

miss ko yung bangus and paksiw na litson with sarsa yummy...kakagutom hehe..yung kakanin,,,okey lng muna na wala di ako mahilig dun kasi.