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Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Super Bowl Party Time!!!

Aside from Christmas and New year Parties, there is one more party sports lover are excited about and that is Superbowl party. Are you one of those superbowl fanatics? I'll say, my husband is. He told me that he will be inviting friends over from work. On the other hand, I am a commercial fan of superbowl and not much of the football game itself So he asked me to prepare for it. I mean there will be at least few people coming and that needs a lot of foods. Anyway, since this will be our first time to host this type of party, I have no idea how to prepare, but foods. But what foods are appropriate for superbowl party? So I decided to go online and search for superbowl recipes ; I am so glad to came across This website is awesome! You can find every party ideas, from Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah, Boxing parties and more. Can you believe that they have recipes, too? I will definitely make black bean and corn salsa. Aside from foods, they have games ideas and I am planning to play football scrabble since it's my favorite, also we will do the rate the commercials and fan dress - up contest. Oh my, I can't wait till superbowl night is here! If you are looking for party ideas, I suggest that you go to this website and see what you can do to make a very successful and enjoyable parties.

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