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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shipping Boxes

Because of job lost, we are pretty sure that we will be moving out again soon. My husband and I are very busy finding a place to live and a moving company. But after so much consideration, we decided to do the packing and moving our stuffs ourselves to save some money since the place we will be moving is not really far from where we are now. We are now looking for shipping boxes that we will use in packing our stuffs up. We have found PacknBoxNow that sells shipping boxes, custom boxes and cardboard shipping boxes; and when you go online, they have Custom Box Configurator where they allow you to instantly configure, price, and order shipping boxes for you. If you order before noon CST, your shipping boxes will be ship to you the same day. We will definitely order shipping boxes from them soon!


Bob said...

Sorry to hear about the job loss, that's a horrible thing to happen right now before the holidays.

If I can help with you finding boxes for the impending move, I came across through Jen Mecca's Pottery Blog, and they were terrific! I got all of the supplies I needed in their moving kit, and everything was shipped to my door for FREE by UPS. Took all the stress out of looking for everything, and it let me concentrate on all the other things that come with changing residences - like figuring out where the best pizza joint is.

Again, so sorry to hear about the job loss. I hope my suggestion of will save you some money, as I'm sure from this point on, every penny will count. Best of luck to you!

Cecile said...

Bob, thanks for the comment and tips about used boxes, we will definitely check the sounds like we will get great deal from them, thanks a lot again and yeah, hope to get the job he applied for.

happy holidays!