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Monday, December 8, 2008

A Dream Place to Retire

One of my husband's greatest dreams is to live in a forestlike area. Washington he told me is the place he want's us to retire where most of the time is raining and foggy and close to the ocean and Canada. I think I can live anywhere as long as we are together. This picture is one of the scenery you will see in some parts of Washington state.


Dhemz said...

yep! that is exactly the same scenery..I have been to Washington pero I don't think if I will enjoy their...hehehhe...PI is our main target to retire...hope so!

Cecile said...

dhemz i would like to retire in the philippines, to! but we think it would be better to stay here since it is better for our son :-)

Dhemz said...

may point ka din jan te..iba din kasi ang buhay sa pinas..lalo na na maliit pa si Jacob...siguro someday pag may sarili na syang family and he can stand in his own..pwede na kayo sa pinas....hehehe!