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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My men are both sick!

Since my son is sick, I can't go to my appointment today. I have to be with my son. So I phoned the the sister in the church who doesn't drive to tell her that I can not drive her today; luckily before I said something, she told me that she is babysitting today and that we need to reschedule our appointment next week. Thank gooness! Now I can be with my son without worrying, plus I can blog, too! Hubby is having a diarrhea so he came home from work and is now resting. My two poor men :-( ! I hope I don't get sick, too so I can continue taking care of them.


chubskulit said...

hello ate, both of my children are sick again so we called off our weekend agenday.. Hope your men will feel better soon..

Ate ask ko lang if the shopwiki is also a paid post? kasi if it is, and makita ng ppp yan mapepenalized ka? it happened to me before kala ko kasi kahit ibang website kinuhan ko ng opps eh di nioa papansinin.. But anyway, if its not okay lang... I just thought need to tell you bout my experience hehehe..

Cecile said...

yung shopwiki eh di paid post, opps ito sa

thanks for sharing your experience, i will keep that in mind para di ako ma penalized ng ppp