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Friday, December 5, 2008

My Traditional Decorating Style

When it comes to filling your home with touches you love, there are four types of decorating styles that influence most of us. From country French and cottage, to traditional and contemporary, which style do you prefer?
If you’re looking for something classic, you’re looking for something traditional. Traditional d├ęcor is very planned and orderly. The furniture matches down to the last detail and is usually upholstered. The feel of the room should be understated, which can be pulled off using mid-range classic patterns and colors for everything from lamp shades to window drapes.

1 comment:

Dhemz said...

hmmm...interesting idea...mine I don't really go sometimes with the home fashion...heheh..I have my own way of decorating the house..I think it goes by your taste or something...hehehe! maybe someday when Akesha gets older...:) I can plan for the traditional or contemporary style...hehehe!