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Monday, July 20, 2009

Beautiful Favicons

Before I asked a friend to make a new layout for my blog, I keep wondering why some blogs I visit have different favicons than mine even though our blogs both use free domains. I never asked them why. I only found the reason why when I asked my friend to make new layouts for my four blogs. She makes favicon every time without asking if I want one; and I am grateful for that. I am really pleased that all my blogs have something to identify them now through the new favicons. Favicon, by the way is short for favorite icon. So, if want new favicon for your blog, you should visit Favicon for they have lots of favicons to choose from. Choose an icon that represents your interests; or maybe just a letter that represents the initial of your name or something special for you. Hurry and get new favicon for you website now!


Cebuanong Hilaw said...


i have added you site in our partner page which you can see here

hope you can link back to us.
salamat po

Rossel said...

hi ces.wala pa akong favicon.research ko pa paano ako magkakaroon.may free ba nyan?kuripot kase!