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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Quotes by Thomas S. Monson

"When faith replaces doubt, when selfless service eliminates selfish striving, the power of God brings to pass His purposes."

"My faith did not come to me through science, and I will not permit so-called science to destroy it."

"Through humble prayer, diligent preparation, and faithful service, we can succeed in our sacred callings."

"Each of us should remember that he or she is a son or daughter of God, endowed with faith, gifted with courage, and guided by prayer."

"Wherever we may be, our Heavenly Father can hear and answer the prayer offered in faith."

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Ma. Christina Itchon-Concepcion said...

Hi! I am a Filipina and an LDS too, and I love your blog! I wish I can make mine as good as yours =) Keep it up and keep on inspiring women like me. Thanks!