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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Kind of Mom Are You?

You're really the most ideal kind of mom to have- You're not too strict, you're not too loose. The kids know how to have fun at a playdate, and you're not ripping out your hair worrying all of the time about airborn germs and fingerprints. You keep your kids clean and well maintained yet they have fun getting dirty too. You keep your house picked up, but you don't have a home air purifier system and sanitizing wipes stashed in every nook and cranny. Your kids play well with others because they have manners but they're also relaxed enough to make friends. Good for you!


dubster said...

Thats very true mommy, kahit hindi ako nakatira diyan or see Jake in person, I can tell how clean and neat your place are, at paano mag alaga sa baby by just watching jake's photos in your blog. Pati si hubby alagang alaga talaga.

Dhemz said...

ako din, like what tsang shy said...I can sense na you are best mom that Jake could ever have...ako kay strikta man kaau ko woi...sige ko singgita pagmaka sala ning akong realize bya pod nako usahay...I should not treat my bulilit that way...I always say sorry afterwards man..moingon pod tawon ning akong bulilit...sorry mama...hay my heart is melting....hehehe!