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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wildwood Vacation is Great !

Since summer is not over yet, it is not too late to go on a family vacation. And if you have no idea where to go, let me suggest the New Jersey Vacation on the East Coast. I am sure your kids would really have so much fun at Morey's Piers in New Jersey; with all the activities and attractions they offer such as amusement parks, New Jersey Water Parks, beach and more, it would be a blast for the whole family. Don't forget the Radio Disney Summer Concert Series that is held from June through August. A free concert where many of the Top Radio Disney artists will be there to sing. So, worry no more about buying tickets. After all the fun and excitements, there is no better place to stay than in one of the Wildwood New Jersey Motels. To find hotels and motels in Wildwood, just visit their brand new and redesigned website that is interactive and user friendly. I really like it because it offers a virtual arcade where kids can enjoy games, explore everything that Morey's Pier has to offer at interactive tour, and the chance of sending family and friends a postcard from Morey's Piers e-card to show how much fun they are missing.

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