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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jake's Birthday at Amazing Jake in the Mall

Yesterday was my son's birthday, and the three of us went to the mall to celebrate it at Amazing Jake. This is like a Chuck E Cheeses only it is bigger and has more rides, games, and the foods are unlimited buffet. He had a blast while playing games and riding some of their rides. They even have rock climbing which I think is good muscle building for kids. After that, as we promised him before, we will buy him Buzz Lightyear at the Disney store. He got it and Woody has his partner Buzz now :-)! His celebration with two of his friends here in Texas will be on Sunday with their Pinoy Moms and Caucasian Dads, plus few of Pinay friends who have been part of Jake's bday celebration ever since he turned 1 in 2005.

He got Buzz Lightyear and was busy checking it.

While Daddy was paying it, he posed in front of the disney store.

This is outside the cinema which is part of Amazing Jake.

Playing games...

Having Lunch inside the Amazing Jake's buffet.

More pictures coming up... later!


Juliet said...

Hi jacob, belated happy birthday. ka guapo gyud nimo. :-)

Cacai M. said...

Happy Birthday diay ni Jikoy.. ka-cute gud sa imong kiddo Te Ces oi.. mora jud xa si og kiddo version ni Tobbie Maguire..