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Friday, July 10, 2009

Basic Guide on Controlling Fire Ants

Back in our old house where we used to live, my husband and I planted some vegetables, flower plants and trees on our garden. We like everything in our garden and the whole yard except the fire ants. They somehow managed to live on our flowers beds, and that made us mad because every time we cultivate the soil they just come out and started crawling and biting our hands. It is frustrating! We tried eliminate them using chemicals made especially for fire ants. But after few days, they are back on different location and it is driving us nuts. We didn't know what else to do, so we decided to go to a nursery to see if they can help us treat fire ants or at leas refer someone who can help us. It didn't help much so we search the internet and found this website, Control Fire This site offers basic guide on how to get rid fire ants, ways to control them, and treating stings. If you have fire ants problem, just click the link provided here to learn more about fire ants and how to control fire ants.

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