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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cool PDF Search Engine!

Since my husband is new to his job, he is required to go to some training for at least three months. The trainer conducts the training once a week and my husband thinks that it is a slow training, so he decided to do a lot of research in order to catch up with the skills he needs necessary for his job if he wants to be absorbed by the company he is working with. Since the trainer gave them names of the books and author they can use for an additional study, my husband use pdf search engine to find those books he needed. He told me he like because he can easily find ebook by the title, episode, country, and author. He can even download them to different formats if he wants to. Isn't this website great or what? Try it and you will love it! I did!

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dubster said...

Maayo ka ces, oi naa mn mga sensiyo na grab maynalng ni sila palit suka ug tuyo hehehe. hows your days oi, miss hearing from yah. say hi to jacob mo, unsa iya lingaw?