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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When SAHM one speaks: Important Dates

Does your partner remember important dates such as anniversaries and birthdays or do you keep a calendar to remind him?

Yes. He never forgets our anniversaries, and birthdays. But when it comes to families and friends, he forgets...and that is when I need to remind him. Knowing he remembers our special dates makes me happy and appreciate my husband more :-)!

Join us here and share your feelings, thoughts, and experienced, even plans here.


Tetcha Gregorio-Figuerres said...

My husband remembers my birthday, but not our anniversary. I always have to remind him. It's a good thing your husband remembers important dates in your lives as a couple.

Clarissa said...

My husband remembers anything about our important dates at cya nga ang nagpapaalala sa akin which is weird minsan^_^

Dhemz said...

parehas ta te...hehehe..hubby remembers our special you said..I have to remind him lalo na sa friends and families....kay ug malimtan na may ug tinggan...nyahahhaha...:)