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Monday, July 13, 2009

Family Games - Summer (Part 2)

For Communication

Memorable Moment
Start off the game by telling your child three things that happened throughout your day. Then, have your child try to guess which one was most exciting for you, and why. After he or she has guessed, tell your child which event was more exciting for you than the other two and why. Next, it's your child's turn to think up three events, and your turn to guess. Your child will enjoy sharing, and you will learn at least three things he or she did that day.

Smarter Than . . . Who?
This is a game you can save for the beginning of the school year! Ask your children to quiz you on the things they learned at school that day. For example, if your student is studying world history, they may ask you, "When was the Magna Carta signed?" You answer, and they will tell you if you are correct. Then let them ask another question. By the end of the game, your children will feel proud of all that they've learned (and extra proud when they stump you!), and you will have a little glimpse into what they are learning at school.

Road Trip Games

The Car Next Door
Come up with stories about the people in the other cars on the road. Pick a car and glance at its passengers. Then have everyone take a turn telling something about the life of the people in the "car next door."

Animal Battle
Everyone gets to create an animal by combining two real or imaginary creatures. For example - a snonkey (snake-monkey), an elephino (elephant-rhinoceros), or a unifly (unicorn-butterfly). Then, everyone in the car takes turns defending why their animal would win in a battle against the other imagined animals. Include rules against graphic descriptions to keep it light and fun.

Who Am I?
One person thinks of a person, place, or thing that everyone in the car can recognize. The person thinking of the subject will give one clue at a time. For example:

  • I am bigger than a horse
  • I live in water
  • I was in a movie
(Answer: Willy from the movie Free Willy)

After each clue, anyone can guess. The first person to guess the person, place, or thing is then "it" and gets to think up the next subject.

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