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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Schwelling Recruiting Services

Guest Post By George C.”> executive recruiting firms can serve as lifesaving career sources these days, and Schwelling Recruiting Services is just that. It's an executive recruiting firm that helps find and place the right candidates for executive-level positions. They prefer candidates who are marketable and of high net worth. They look for and encourage people who have run companies of all sizes and are out of work, to use their services. Their executive level candidates are the best in the industry. Being quite accomplished, their services have been widely utilized by companies from start-up size to Fortune 500s. Those that use this firm are seeking executives with experience in building teams of leaders. Schwelling Recruiting Services is one of the best recruiting firms in the industry. Their fees are also very reasonable. Conveniently located around the country, they are still expanding. They assist the person looking for a job with that initial interview. That preparation can and usually does make a positive difference. The salaries for many of these positions are between $250,000 and $300,000. This is very attractive to the candidate and shows the level of experience that Schwelling seeks. The word is spreading fast that Schwelling is the place to help you find an executive level job, if you have the skills and experience to back it up. President and executive office manager positions are needed for one of their client firms which just happens to be in the executive recruiting business and are currently being advertised for their firm. Their client firm which is the fastest growing firm in the industry is not seeking recruiters but rather managers to open executive recruiting offices near where the candidate lives in any city in the country. Schwelling Recruiting services has worked with this client firm for over 5 years and helped the firm grow form 6 offices to now over 200. The company's website can be found at Call them now to inquire further at (866)305-2952 or (301)585-3945. Schwelling is the premier executive recruiting firm for much of the business world.

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