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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Is Skateboarding Your Pastime?

Every time I see children out playing with their skateboard, I can't help but imagine that whether we like it or not one of these days, our son can be one of those kids whose pastime is playing skateboard. I remember when we were still in VA, there was one time while my son was out playing with our neighbors children his age. I saw him trying to ride with one of skateboard left on the playground by older kid in the apartment complex. I was very nervous that he might get hurt. Anyway, what I am saying is that, my son started to like skateboard that moment. When the timescomes that he is ready and old enough to play with skateboard, well we buy him his first custom skateboard at, for they are selling skateboards, board stuffs, clothing, hardware, and accessories and more for an affordable price; and have tons of skateboards on stock.

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Anonymous said...

wow! i find skateboarding very amazing. I love watching X-Games. who knows your son will soon dominate the X-Games.