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Monday, July 20, 2009

I Love Wearing My Tactical Pants!

I used to work at Target as a cashier before we moved out of state. Just like any other stores, employees need to wear certain uniforms. As a Target employee, I need to wear red polo shirt and Khaki pants. So, I asked on employee who was wearing a 5.11 Tactical pants that looks nice. To make the story short, I bought myself two Covert Khaki Pants. I really like my pants because it is light, comfortable to wear, not to mention that it is a stain resistant. I do not work there anymore, but I still wear my pants. I like its hidden pockets because it is very useful; I can hide accessories I needed on my busy schedules as a full time homemaker, plus it looks like a regular pair of casual dress slacks. If you will ask me where I bought it, believe it or not, I bought it LAPolice If I were you, I would go to their website now because they are having great deal on Covert Khaki Pants. You can save more than 50% of the regular price, plus a free leather belt. Hurry, avail yourself of this great offer before they run out of it!

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