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Monday, July 13, 2009

Direct Deposit, Way to Save!

Recently when we visited a family friend, I accompanied her at grocery store to get some milk for her kids. While talking, she mentioned with me the bad experienced they have had in one of the bank inside the grocery store. She said that her husband decided to close their account in that bank because the have opened another saving account on top of receiving statements late that got them into trouble. Few times there were no enough money to their savings when one of their bills came. In short the bank charged them with fee for insufficient fund. She said they could have avoided this kind of thing had they known direct deposit from Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card. You can save money using direct deposit, plus a weekly fee is waived when you sign up for a free direct deposit. Isn't it great? What I like about the Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card is that, it is like a debit card where you have access to ATM's. You can even pay your bills online with no charge at all. So if you have a computer home, this online pay billsis best for you. Applying is very easy because they do not check your credit; your approval is guaranteed once your application is received. Can you believe that they don't even ask for your SSN? I will definitely tell this to my friend to save her from trouble again. What are you waiting for? Go and apply now!

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