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Monday, July 27, 2009

Keepsakes from my Mission in Mindanao

These are few of my many pictures taken when I served for LDS church as Missionary in Mindanao. I was assigned to labor in Mati, Davao Oriental for six months, another six months in Kidapawan, South Cotabato, and six more months in General Santos City.

With me was Marylene Roman (now Vicente) from Batangas. She was the second greenie I trained after Sister Rabe, from Bicol. Isn't she pretty?

Here we were walking on a bamboo bridge on the way to visit an investigator. It was pretty scary bridge, yikes!

This one was taken after our zone conference held in General Santos City. I was the one on the right, front row. Serving a full time mission for church is one of the best decisions I have ever made! It was a 19 months service full of memorable experiences.

These pictures are blurred; just grabbed it from friendster account of Marylene. And those who are wondering why I can speak a little Cebuano language, and that is because I was there for 19 months :-).


Joops said...

wow, you're so skinny in the picture..

Rossel said...

sa first picture para kayong twins. maglamukha kayo pati buhok pareho.

Beth said...

nostalgic ka ngayon ha? ",)

pretty scary ung bridge pero enjoy ko siguro un! :)

you are right, iba pa din pag magserve ke Lord, iba ang feeling. Nothing compares to it! :)

Dhemz said...

my gosh.....I can barely recognize you teCes...those are great to see pictures like this....ganda nyong dalawa sa first pic...agree ako kay ateRos...mukha kayung twins....:)

kakatakot naman yung bamboo bridge..kinikilabutan tuloy ako...ehehehhe....:) am sure it was a fun experience....thanks for sharing teCes....:) want!

Lulu said...

im sure the bridge is really scary... i had an experience crossing the same type of bridge and nangangatug ang tuhod ko!