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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Air Travel with Children

Since we plan on visiting my folks in the Philippines, I will not jeopardize my son health from not eating foods serve in the plane. So, I plan of making our trip easier by following the tips below.

Even if everything goes according to schedule, traveling with children can be a challenge. Children run better on a full tank, but chips, cookies, and sugary drinks are not going to get you far. And since airlines are cutting back on in-flight meals, it's more important than ever to plan ahead to bring your own. Here are some strategies to make your trip easier, plus a few tips on air travel regulations.

Ages 3 to 6

  • Go for lots of healthy choices in interesting parcels that are fun to open and fun to eat.
  • Pack food in small resealable plastic bags for easy self-serve, or use mini food storage boxes.
  • Kids love small sandwiches cut into shapes like triangles, squares, or circles, or try using large cookie cutters--dinosaurs, stars and moons.
  • Keep containers of tuna or chicken salads properly chilled in an insulted bag with an ice pack. Do consider the length of your trip--will your ice melt before you get to eat your food?
  • Yogurt and applesauce are allowed in 3-ounce or smaller containers. Look for them packaged in tubes; it is easier to transport and eat.
  • Be sure to include the standby favs: cheesy crackers, dried fruit, nuts, or a homemade trail mix.

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