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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Award from Shy

This "Sunshine Award" was shared to us by none other than a good blogger friend, Sheila the author of "Simple Happy Life." Many thanks dear. I tell you, we do need sunshine to make our day since we are tired on cold season. I couldn't wait till it is Springtime! I bet, you guys, do, too!


1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post;
2. Pass the award onto 12 bloggers;
3. Link the nominees within your post;
4. Let the nominees know they have won the award by commenting on their blog;
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award.

I now pass the award to all bloggers out there who are in need of sunshine in their lives. Grab it guys, please and bring sunshine to others, too!

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chubskulit said...

dropping ec here ate..