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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Mother Needs Joint Supplements

Twice a month, I make it a habit to speak to my parents over the phone overseas. We talk a lot of things, from the weather, economy in that side of the world, my siblings and their families, her small business, my eldest brother's business, their whereabouts, our whereabouts on top of their overall health conditions. My father's health is good, but my mother is not. Since her stroke two years ago, her health is closely monitored by her doctor. She develops a type 2 diabetes on top of her hypertension. I worry so much about her health than mine since we are thousand miles away from each other and I couldn't take care of her, therefore, I am trying to support her by sending money and other small medical tools she can use to monitor her blood sugar level as well as her high blood pressure. Due to old age, her joints started to weaken and so I told her to ask her doctor for joint supplements to help with her joint problems. I know I can easily send her joint supplements but I decided not to due to her health and the medications she has been taking. It is safe to always consult her physician before taking any medications as well as supplements. I, myself take one and so far I don't have any joint problem yet. Bone and joint problem is very common with woman both certain health issue and those who are getting old like my mother.

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