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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snowman at Springitme!

We got in my in-laws place Sunday afternoon, few minutes before the snow fell on the ground. And in just an hour, we have accumulated three inches of snow! When we got up in the morning, the snow is already six feet. This place looked like a winter wonderland that my son wouldn't stop from telling me that he wants to build a snowman. I was so tired from our trip, so I told him to wait till tomorrow, but my MIL told me to not disappoint my son, therefore I have to bundle myself up and take my son outside to play. I was shivering while my son was very happy playing with the snow. We didn't make a snowman though because I didn't bring gloves. So, the next day, hubby and Jake made a big snowman! My son was very happy and were we. The snow is almost melted now, but the snowman is still standing; I need to take some pictures of it tomorrow before it's gone.

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