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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Check the New Lux Score® Near You!

About a year ago, my husband got laid off from his job. Before that day, the company informed them or their employees about the present status of the company and who will be laid off on the coming months. That gives the employees enough time to look for a job. So for the fast two months, hubby went looking for a job online. After many days of job interviews, finally, we decided to take a temporary job in Texas. The agency only gave my husband two weeks to pack up and leave VA so he could start his new job soon. It was a risk we willingly take just to make sure we won't be jobless and the income is steady.

Two weeks was such a short time to find a place to live, so he decided to look online for an apartment we would live in when we finally moved there in TX. Thank goodness, after too much time looking, he finally found a website that was easy to navigate with great floor plans choices. The neighborhood was great because it was close to everything from school, job, hospital, church and even close to college. We like the price also because it was almost the same as the apartment in VA. There is a swimming, pool, playground and even fitness center which is few of the things we looked for an apartment. It wasn't like a Luxury Apartments but we are enjoying our stay here.

Anyway, back in VA, we lived close to Washington, DC which was very nice because we got to see historical places like the Lincoln Memorial, White House, Capitol to name a few. There were plenty of places to live there such as Boston Luxury Apartments, Washington, DC apartments that are perfect for those who are looking for a luxury apartments. I am sure my Aunt would probably like the place because it suits their lifestyle and needs during their retirement days.

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