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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is Diet Pill Good for Me?

Winter time is the season where it is hard for most people to do some type of exercise outside home. Without the help of exercise equipment, how are you going to stay healthy if you can't run, jog, or walk at the park? I envy those who lives in places where the weather is great all year round. They can spend more time exercising and getting fit. I, for one get bored from walking on the treadmill...I don't see something new, but the same four corners of our apartment. I want to walk outside. I think I will be needing the help of new diet pill since walking on a treadmill is boring. With the diet pill, I can still shed extra fats stored in my body without having to deal with the boring treadmill *sigh*. I need to ask my doctor's permission whether this is the right thing to do since I am taking immunosuppressant medications for my new kidneys. We don't want the diet pill to interfere with all my medications.

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