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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Best Weight Loss Pills

It is our (husband and I) goal to be busy again and eat healthy foods in order to lose weight. By doing these two things, we are making ourselves healthy for our sake, as well as our son's. I am taking steroid as one of immunosuppressant medications to avoid my body from rejecting the transplanted kidneys inside my body. We all know that every medicine has its side effects; and so steroid 's side effect is, it improves my appetite which is hard to deal with. The result, I gained extra weight in just six months after the transplant and it is hard to remove it. My doctor told me to see a nutritionist/dietitian which I did. Since hubby and I don't believe on weight loss pills, we decided to follow what the nutritionist taught us...and I can say that it is working we just need to be consistent and motivated. Anyhow, some people who are looking for the best weight loss pills, I think they need to be careful in choosing one that fits their budget, one that is effective and safe. I heard a lot of bad effects of some weight loss pills, but most of all scammers who claim that their products are the best. Watch out for this kind of people for they are very good on persuading people to buy their products.

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Anonymous said...

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