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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Best Sleep Aids in Market

One of the side effect of having a diabetes is difficulty on sleeping. I didn't know that before until I finally couldn't sleep the whole night. I would go to bed, but lay there for an hour or two and remain wide awake. Finally when I couldn't stand it anymore, I talked to my doctor about it and he confirmed that was because of my blood sugar level that was too high! He told me to take allergy medication for at least a week and I would help me fall asleep again. I thought then that he would prescribes a sleep aid, but no. I didn't ask why not sleep aid? I figured it was because of the many medications I am taking and it safer that way. I wonder had he given me sleep aid, what would it be? There are many sleep aids in the market today, which are the best sleep aids around? Do you know? When I was still single, I used to take sleeping pills, but the only one that worked for me that time was the name brand one. My brother still uses that name brand sleep pill and he is very dependent on it already. I guess that is a side effect of it. Maybe there is one out there that is very effective and safe.

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