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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Discount and Trendy Eyeglasses Online

My husband just had an eye check up a couple of days ago. We didn't get the result yet, I hope the result would be for his own advantage. He can be stingy sometimes especially when it comes to expensive stuffs like prescription glasses. I can't blame him, because the cheapest one will costs us at least $300. Despite of that, I still try to persuade him to replace his old Eyeglasses, but he wouldn't listen to me. He always says, his vision is fine and doesn't need a new one. Oh well, if the result tells him to get new Eye Glasses, then he doesn't have any choice, but replace his old eyeglasses. Anyway, I am trying to be prepared in case. That is why I have been looking online to see if there is an online store where we can get prescription eyeglasses for an affordable, and quality made glasses. The, today, I came across a website called This website offers prescription glasses that are trendy, fashionable, and stylish frames, at a fraction of the cost in the local stores. They even carry tinted sunglasses which I like; bifocal reading glasses, progressive reading glasses, and photochromic sunglasses. Would you believe if I tell you that they also carry designer sunglasses for a lesser price. I am loving this website so much! Ausspecs is great! When it comes to customer service, they make sure that they deliver orders fast like within a week. Awesome, isn't it? After visiting this site, I will definitely stop buying eyeglasses to local store from now on. If you are in need of sunglasses or just prescription eye glasses, check this website; you can also read some of their customers comments.

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