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Thursday, July 9, 2009

GreenPath Supplements Cleanse Body Naturally

I grew up eating foods that my mother served us. She cooks our foods out of scratch, fresh from market and are organic. She hardly use oil when cooking and hardly served us canned foods. That is what I miss most when I got married and moved here in U.S. I still cook and serve foods to my family the way my mother does. But sometimes with our busy schedules, we cannot help but eat whatever is handy such as canned foods, instant foods, prepared foods that are loaded with preservatives, sodium, food coloring and etc... These foods are not good to our body and health. If we are to live a healthy lives, we need to eat, healthy, and natural foods. For starter, we can take supplement from GreenPath like chlorella . GreenPath Chollera is the purest, highest grade Chlorella on the market. It is packed with natural protein, as well as vitamins and minerals that our body needs to be able to be healthy. It removes heavy metals from our body, leaving us clean and free of contaminants. Chollera also lower our risk of cancer with antioxidants, fortifies our body with 19 animo acids and 20 vitamins and minerals, free from sodium, lactose and gluten, and no preservatives, coloring, or other artificial ingredients. Indeed Chollera is all natural and cleans and purify our bodies.

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