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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It is Hot in Here!

We went to the mall this morning to buy hubby's short, suspender and long sleeve shirt. There is a sale going on at Dillards that is why we only paid less than $50 for the 3 items. I am planning to go back tomorrow for a new walking shoes since my old one is giving me leg cramps every time we go walking. We didn't buy it today because hubby wanted to take a nap so he won't fall asleep at work tonight :-)! Anyway, I need to find out it there is a play place at that mall we went to, so my son can play without getting a sunburn or feeling the heat of Texas hehehe. Imagine the 3 digits temperature is very hot! No wonder why my son doesn't even bother to go out and play, not even go swim at the nearby swimming pool.

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