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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Need Jars and Containers for Your Candles?

Before I got married, I used to make candles with my Aunt and her friends back in Malaysia. I started to like it when they taught me how to do it. Making candles takes a lot of time and effort, but as soon as you see the finished products, you feel satisfied and feel like making more. Back then, we didn't think too much of the jar we used. But when my husband told me one time that making a candle especially the one made from soy and paraffin would be a great small business to start with. Then, I thought about it, and agreed! Since the economy is still unstable, our plan to put up a small business someday is still on. We just need to save more for materials we need such as soy, paraffin, jar to name some. Talking about jar, I have found a store online that sells wholesale candle jars and candle containers. Their jars are in different styles, sizes, and in designer collection by Libbe. What I like about this site is that they not only offer jars and containers for candles, but also sells candles made of soy and paraffin, candles with different scents such as floral, seasonal, citrus/fruits and more. Anyway, if you are on a candle business or just doing it as a hobby, you might want to check for more info. You can even order a sample pack. Don't forget that when you buy any of their products in bulk, you will be able to save money.

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shydub said...

I definitely need that kind of jar ces, ako intawn dri mantinir lng ko aning container sa cape hehehehehe, bitaw oi, dagko amo mga jar for sugar and everything. Thanks kaayo sa mga dalaw bisag walay tao hehehehe. nakabalhin na jud mi, pero we still have 1 month in that old apartment, mao amo uban mga things tua pa didto, da, husbandry na bahala hakot galore ato uy. mamisita sko uban ka tribu ces, happy rainy thrusday dha