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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Timberland Boots for My Husband!

My husband grew up in New Mexico where parts of that state is partly desert, and partly mountain that is rocky, that is why he loves to walk on the desert and hike on the mountain. When he does climb the rocky mountain, he wears desert boots. He also used to wear postal approved shoes when he was working as a mail carrier for few years. Every once in awhile when we go to the mall, he looks at Timberland Boots. I know he misses his birth place and the things he enjoys doing there. Pretty sure, he will be surprised when get his dream boots one of these days. Since our wedding anniversary is coming up soon, I think of giving him an anniversary gift. A leather shoes would be good to wear at church. While browsing on the website called Cop, I saw nice shoes for women; I thought they only sell boots and shoes for men. Oh, man I like this website for they sell not only boots for cops, men's leather, shoes, mail carrier boots but also apparels for cops and law enforcer. Their shoes are mostly made of leather and are water proof as well! So, if you are a cop, or just simply in need of shoes or boots, you better check this online store for you will find quality and brand name footwear you are looking for. The fact that they are now carrying Timberland Pro Valor and Timberland Force Multiplier series of boots, I am sure more and more customers will prefer buy shoes and boots at Right now, they have the holiday deal where you can use coupon code: July-4-09 at the check out counter to avail of 10% off on your purchase. This deal is only valid from today till the 6th of July. So, hurry before it ends!

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