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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

To A very Good Friend...

I made this post especially for my friend, Amy of Amiable Amy who never runs out of good things to say about me and everyone. She is one of those friends I met in the blog land whom I will forever be grateful for. Ams, in her own simple ways taught me a lot of things in life. I like her because she is a very sincere, down to earth, smart generous, unselfish, and sweet person.... that is why she is loved by many and that includes me.

To you, Ams....Happy Birthday....May All your Wishes Come true! May He (God) Bless You Always! I want you to know how glad and happy I am to have met you... hope to somday meet you in person.


Umma {^o^} said...

I just knew that it was Amy's birthday diay..wasnt able to prepare my novena hahaha..but I have noted her big day na so next year I could create something worth remembering.

I did greet Amy in her 3 blogs already hahaha.

amiable amy said...

Thank you Ces, maulaw man pud ta ani oyy. Naa man ako hulagway, naa napud manghilabot ani LOL.

Anyway, salamat for remembering. Sakit ayo ako ulo today when I wake up. Hmmm...init pa jud kaayo sa gawas. Makigpanglaag lang japon ko.

Thanks for the thoughts and for being a friend. Thanks to Umma for all the greetings. Love you both.

Dhemz said...

Ako pod greet pod ko dire kay AteAmz...hehehe...thanks for sharing this thoughts AteCes...:)

pehpot said...

I am not quite sure if I have met Amy here at blogosphere.. but I will head on to her site and greet her.. every body is greeting her lol

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Clarissa said...

Happy Birthday to Amy!!I have been seeing her name all over my friends blogs I'm visiting.She must be friendly.Happy Birthday po!!^_^