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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Addictive Hobby of Collecting Miniatures!

Do you love collecting miniature stuffs? If so, you probably would love to visit the website where they sell miniature dollhouse. They have everything from dollhouse supplies to picture frames and art. If I were to build my own dollhouse I would like to put a garage and workshop. What really caught my attention was the tiny living room set (dollhouse brown leather living room set), it is so cute! Check their website now, for they carry a variety of dollhouse manufacturers including Handley House, Town Square Miniatures, Hansson Miniatures and Heidi Ott miniatures. I, myself love collecting miniature items and hoping that someday to have a miniature dollhouse in my house.


She said...

Hi Ces..thanks for your comment. that is really neat. di ba mahirap gawin yan.. kailangan matiyaga talaga

iceah said...

Katuwa naman yan c:

Happy Hearts day my dear c: enjoy it c: