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Monday, February 9, 2009

Look in the Good of Others

I really like this story from one of our church leaders, for it taught me a lesson that helps me in dealing everyday life's challenges. I can be very impatient even with little things and this sure is a great reminder to stop, look to the good in each member of my family and listen to the spirit who teaches me how to react when I am about to explode :-)!

“…Look for the good in each person, and mention it in a sincere and consistent way. It is amazing how hearts can be softened, testimonies implanted, and relationships improved when we begin to give a daily portion of heartfelt appreciation. It has a marvelous effect on preparing the spirit. Even mentioning a little thing will have a positive effect. It usually isn’t earth-shaking-just a simple act or attribute that will blossom and be multiplied if it is noticed. (By the way, it may take you all day to find something, but it is there.) One day after school, one of our daughters came into a teenage son’s room. It looked as if a big wind had blown through. He was sitting in the midst of it all. She felt the anger rising within, but remembered her resolution to look for the good. Searching desperately, her eye finally looked upward. ‘Your ceiling’s really clean, Adam!’ she was able to say quite honestly. He laughed; he got the message, and he cleaned up the room.”

H. Burke Peterson,
Ensign, May 1990

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