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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ravioli, Jake Fave Food!

I have a terrible headache yesterday due to allergy, so I decided to take a nap, while was I was sleeping, my son got very hungry, he wouldn't want to wake me up, so he went ahead and tried feeding himself, but he couldn't open the can of Ravioli, he went upstairs and asked me to open it for him. Here are the pix of him with the can of his fave food.
Man, this little man is sure can eat the whole can and still hungry!


Mom of Four said...

Cecile, he is getting big and more independent. You're so lucky that your son is smart enough and not a baby-type kid. My son who's 6, would get his own cereal if he's hungry. He would put his own clothes. It saddens me though, I feel like, pretty soon, my baby doesn't really need me anymore..You know what I mean?

Umma said...

I can relate to that feeling..Dali-a magdaku ni soltero mo Ces.. he's getting independent everyday..

I could just imagine my son to be independent with me soon.. No, not soon. I still love to pamper him hahaha.. over acting na sad me no?