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Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Error or What?

Last night, before going to bed, I checked 3Ps for opportunities and felt lucky enough to get opps for $20! I was so happy for that considering I didn't get opps, not even a single one. Before making post, I decided to put my son to bed and then finished it afterward. After an hour, I went back and checked if it is still there. But to my surprised, it was gone! What's up with that? I got so pissed of! What is going on with them, they just took it out without any reason. This should never happen especially with their policy of six hours alloted time to complete the post. Is it another error or what? Not so nice considering most of the opps they give are $3 under for at least 100 words! Seems to me like it is becoming a habit that needs to be stopped! Don't you, guys think?

1 comment:

Umma said...

Kalagot man sad ana Ces, good thing di ka pa naka start ug entry mo.. wa na me ganahan sa 3P kay super barat man jud ang mga opps nila.

Super lie low ang beauty ko grabbing opps na lang kay kapoy man cge lagas tapos $3 lang hahaha..

Pag pisanon, ok lang pag guisapot me.. pass muna..